Heart of Gaia

Heart of Gaia is a space of wellness.

A place of gathering for people to express themselves and realize their deepest potentials through meditations, workshops, private sessions and etc.

A safe space where one may seek answers to life, learn deep wisdoms of universal consciousness, to grow and live in with authentic fun, joy and love, embracing all living beings as one towards wholesome living.

Currently Happening:

Private Meditations

Private, small groups meditations available on & off line.

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Private Session Consultation & Healing

Have a Private Session for clarity, intuitive energy healing or soul retrieval.

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Intuitive &Card Reading

Gain clarity, solutions and directions for you life journey and be empowered to move forward.

Upcoming Events:

Rainbow Meditation CIrcle

Rainbow Circle is a session of joy & connection with yourselves. Improve wellness, gain clarity, and realize your potentials within through this session.

Starseed Alchemy Circle

A gathering of Starseeds and connection to cosmic energies above. Allow yourselves to shine as you are.

Journey with the Dragons

Be empowered by the dragons with wisdom and strength for your life journey.

Breathing Self Breathing Life

It's all about breathing and personal wellness (body, mind, emotions and soul).

Meditate and be connected to your wellness and life through breathing.

Newly Posted:

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Emptying of our minds

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