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Stabilizing the anxiously anxious

Many who have come into the space of Heart of Gaia has varying degree of anxieties. Some are aware of their anxiously anxious self that is affecting their lives at varying degree, others comes in with struggles and they slowly discover the anxious side of themselves.

Well, what if I say that being anxious is normal? However, if the level of anxiety goes beyond a manageable level, then that is the anxiety that needs to be addressed.

So let's begin with the norm. We all do get anxious about some thing or another depending on which aspect of us we feel inadequate about. Our inner wellness regulators have this fight or flight response. This response is the loudest alarm we can have to keep us alive and away from danger. To run away from the lion or not? In our modern days, depending on what we define as safety, then the lion changes its looks. So if we are on to something that is viewed as being important to us, a make or break situation, a life changing moment, we get anxious.

There are many factors why this sense of anxiousness goes beyond control. Anxiety is actually very close to many of us and if not well managed, we can spiral to a cycle that feeds more anxieties to anxieties.

I must put a disclaimer first and say that there are many techniques out there, but whichever that works for the individuals is the best solution. It is also important to find and resolve the root cause for a more effective results of resolving anxiety issues. Do contact us for a private session or simply a call to find out more. For now, the following are simple discussions and advices that will allow some level of self care and management.

Well, let's start with crisis management. When it happens there are two ways to mange anxiety at its highest peak of alarm. Reduce, Resize and Reset. Or Focus, Connect and Go.

For someone who has anxiety, Focus, Connect & Go (FCG) may seems far fetch, but it is a means to move on without missing out on the timing. This has to begin with preparation before crisis actually happens. First during our life journey, work or even relationship with others, establish what our purposes, goals or more importantly, what is essential and important to us. This is the Focus. When crisis happens, just Connect to our own beingness or the presence of us in the now within us looking at our Focus and Go with the choice of action or what feels towards the direction of our Focus. Yes, once Connection is established, just Go for it. Leave the evaluation to only once everything is over. Remember, there is no right or wrong. All "wrong" moves will eventually be right as we can always change and improve later.

The second option Reduce, Resize and Reset (RRR) can be use to regulate and manage anxiety, with practice such self management techniques can come more naturally. Reduce inner feeling of anxiety through breathing exercises (keep a lookout on the breathwork program @ Heart of Gaia), allow our body, mind and emotions to center themselves through breath. Next, Resize the issue. Either reduce the size of the concern or issue through focusing on our strengths, imagery methods or grounding and etc., or enlarge the issue and focus on the main point or objective within and just take action towards the point (make sure as straight to the point as possible). Reset the whole scenario by dissipating all other irrelevant concerns.

On a day to day basis, to help with anxiety, we can either practice meditation, breathworks or have support from wellness practitioners to establish the root causes, heal or gain techniques to mange our anxiety. All in all, find out our strength, baseline, irritations and etc. Realize what makes us anxious. Knowing ourselves allow us to discover, when, why and how our anxiety manifests and grow. It also will allow us to realized how we can stabilize ourselves through various techniques to address to the issue.

Being able to be aware of our own emotional changes and anxiety is a good thing. Embrace ourselves, embrace our anxiety and reassure this friend (anxiety) of ours that all will be well.

Through understanding the deeper aspect of our friend we will be able to manage it as it shifts or changes in magnitudes with ease and grace.

Stabilizing the anxiously anxious is not about putting it down, it is about the inner aspect of us within that is being embraced, assured and given a way out of the situation.

Love yourself as you are, Breathe and smile. Allow anxiety to slip away quietly by itself for it is a friend that cared for us.

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The power of pain

Pain is an evergreen hot topic and many of us experiences pain one way or another throughout our life journeys.

Many shunts away from their pain and this is truly understandable. It after all hurts us. Of course there are some of us we decide to continue the hurt and sufferings , which we may or may not be consciously aware of that. That is fine too. It is after all our own choice of action. Of course then there are those who will confront pain. After which, depending on individuals and their choice of action, issues may or may not be resolved. This is also fine. Please embrace the effort put forward and call for support such as a healing session to have a professional facilitate in addressing to the issues involved.

So what is these pain all about? Many of us do not like pain. Pain is good actually. It has an important positive function usually. It is our body sending a red alert on something that may potentially endanger us. Endanger may sound kind of serious, but in the inner state of us, pain is simply telling us our health status can be harmed by whatever that is affecting us externally.

Pain scale is a technique used to find out how serious is it from the perspective of the body. Someone once, during his initial consultation, rate his pain level as 13 out of 10 (10 being the highest score equivalent to childbirth). Well, then it speaks of his perception of his condition or the body's concern for the area of pain.

The pain inflicted to the body, mind, emotions and soul can be slightly different and requires different ways of resolving it. At times it can be a combination of a few of them being affected by the external stimulus. Other times, when issues are kept over a prolong period of time, pain can be surfacing from another aspect of our health. For example, some emotional issues can affect the physical health and pain can be manifested on the body itself instead of a emotional heartache.

Yes, pain is powerful. As we avoid dealing with external issues, or when we are faced with threads, pain reminds us to react at an equivalent level. It tells us how soon we have to address to the issue. It even forces us to do something about it. It can cripple us in our daily activities just so we look within ourselves and focus our effort towards our own internal wellness. If kept too long, pain can even change us as an individual.

All in all, pain is a powerful tool within us, that bypasses the need for language skills to understand ourselves within, to let us know something is not right, please resolve it.

Contact us @ Heart of Gaia and find out what are the sessions available to address to this call for help from within.

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Integrative healing & wellness

Stay healthy. Keep fit. Be well, be good. We have heard these ever so often. Whether we adhere to that or how we do it is solely our choice.

So, let's say we do want to be well. "How do you stay healthy?", many have asked. Jogging, cycling, eating well with this diet and that are often the choices we make.

Have we ever thought of why these activities or choices are good for us? Are there more than these to our health and wellness? Certainly. There are more to this.

We are unique individuals with our body, mind, heart and soul as the 4 key aspects of us. Hence, our wellness is wholistically ensuring the health of all 4 of these parts of us.

All these 4 aspects works very closely with one another, hence there are common activities that influences one, a few or all of them. For example, when we go into our own food and nutrition, have we ever thought of which aspect of us is or are being fed? Are we "filling the right stomach"?

Likewise for healing, there are loads of healing modalities to "save the world", but is this what is needed for the little world within us? As more experience is gained within the private healing sessions conducted @ Heart of Gaia, more and more are realized that many have hit the blind spot of what exactly is the root issue to be addressed. Interestingly, as many of us who seek healing have already kept these issues for a while, we can address to one of them and all seems to get better, till we are triggered again. Do ask within, what does the 4 team members need? Or what are they trying to say? Who holds the key to the issue?

Many have asked about the duration needed to heal. The favorite answer given is "for as long as one has kept it". Yes, it is meant as a joke, but a joke with meaning and some truth within. Do try and resolve issues and not wait too long before addressing to them. If kept too long, all 4 aspects of one's health will be affected and not just the one that was originally impacted. As a result, , to unravel the issues and etc. will take time and effort both by the practitioner and recipient in order for the healing to have a permanent effect.

Of course, in energy medicine, much can be done to bypass and get all aspects moving for the better. Healing can work in a more comprehensive way at shorter recovery time.. Root caused can be found and resolved at deeper level. All 4 aspects of one's health can be healed in an integrative manner. Within a reasonable number of session(s), all will shift for the better.

@ Heart of Gaia, our session is not just about healing, it is empowering one's presence toward a better true authentic self.

We are unique beings on Earth who work to serve whom we love, including ourselves. Contact us to find out more about the private sessions and allow personal wellness and development as the priority.

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Small light big heart

Living in a competitive small nation, many of us have picked up numerous survival skills of making sure we are somewhere,

From the beginning of our school days where we need, yes need, to have good results, to the working life of ensuring a steady corporate ladder climb and finally having a perfect family image of happily ever after, we have been taught this is where we are heading towards. Is that all to life? What if we do not fit this model? Will we be eliminated from our existence?

Much of our emphasis have been based on the information received from authorities, families, friends, online trends and from the education we have received. However, where did these information come from? We have been taught to convert these information to be used in our life journey especially upon graduations, yet not all of us have the opportunity to realize and showcase our talents. In fact, many have asked me what their gifts and strengths are? What is their life purposes? How can they shine authentically?

Honestly, when we realized, it is quite simple to answer these questions. However, to embody it, actualize it, to live it, is a different story. Meanwhile, many of us are caught in the middle of all the life dramas wondering which directions we are heading towards.

One of the key issue that has hindered many of us is the competitive spirit that has kept many of us well ahead in life. Yes this double edged sword has caused us obstacles that could have not even exist.

Let's begin with trying to outshine our peers. What if we are the person that didn't shine out? Even if we did, how do we constantly shine at our best above all? Even if we have become the brightest star of all, what next? Are our lives fulfilled just by that? The school of thoughts of studying hard, getting good results, going to good schools then having good job, progressing towards success in our career, getting married to a significant other and having a happy family with x number of children does not fit all. In fact many of us fall out of this wagon.

Life is a journey, we have been given the end goals or specified the end goals of what we are to pursue as above. That is good so far. Competitivity is fine if defined as becoming better versions of ourselves just like an upgrade of our software or apps. How fast the upgrade is, is very much up to us. What keeps us all within the wagon is to realize that we are all unique individuals. From character, the way our body, mind, emotions and soul works, we have some degree of unique signature that is solely ours. Just like our thumb prints, there are always variations or differences amongst us, so on what basis are these competitions on then? Hence, view our life progression as an upgrade. How about going lateral on our growth? Why not? A "side-grade" or expansion.

What actually we should realize is that through all these education, career or personal journey, we should take the opportunity to discover our strength, potentials, life purposes, and etc., i.e. realized who we really are and create a life that we wish for.

Along with being authentically us, living fulfilled lives on Earth, we then are part of service to humanity, Simply by being us, we inspire others to learn from our strength, we are also at ease with supporting others unconditionally as no one can take that part of us away or diminish that. We too recognize that we each have our expertise and therefore we shall received and gain from others whilst we give and empower others. This is when we shine with love just us we are living purposeful lives on Earth.

The comparison of light is very interesting as I have shared with many who have come for my sessions. "A light is a light. It does not matter if you are a spot light or candle light. A light shines and illuminate the space around. Regardless of the size, the space will be illuminated. Only differences are the roles that we take up at that point of time".

So just be, shine just as we are, in our own ways and means. With a big heart, allow unconditionally the light to illuminate all that is around. Namaste!

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Where is the love ? (With-out)

Have there been moments where we feel that we can longer love (others)? Perhaps, we may feel that animals are more lovable than fellow humans. Perhaps we feel that we have forgiven someone but will never ever love this person or someone else similar again. Perhaps it even come to a point that we feel, we do not need love. For whatever reasons that have caused these, they are all valid and real, to our mind and perhaps emotions.

So what is this "you must show love to so and so", "be a loving people towards others" and etc? Love has been and will be a topic of our life journey. Many of us have been taught its definition, scopes, criteria, languages, expressions and more. Have we forgotten that it all starts with the essence of love?

Love is an expression that begins from within our heart and in this case towards, someone, somethings, incidents, situations or experiences. It is a pure positive emotion that drive us to display our adoration, affection and etc. Hence, the key signature of our love is us from the bottom of our hearts.

The first issue in this comes with our learning background and growth environment. Here we learn values, measures, rights and wrongs. Along with life experiences, these at times infringe on the spirit of love in itself. Love is love, we love because we love, no more, no less. This is purely on the expression or state of being. We are not talking about loving indiscriminately which will be discussed further down the paragraphs. How can the natural state of emotions be governed by protocols of our minds? How can such beautiful feeling be on a weighing scale that is based on our own metrics? Yes, in this situation, when A love B, each uses their own measures to gauge both the love they receive and give. Then eventually the result, conclusion and relative actions arises. That is not apple for apple. Is it? Moreover, love is not an apple to start with.

Along the way, some of us had bad experiences whilst loving someone or have love whole heartedly only to receive hurt. Pain comes, healing is needed and much effort and support was needed to be eventually well. Are we really we well or are we believing that we have fully become whole again, yet not ready to love? Are we unconsciously either creating a repeat of the drama we have experience or shunting away from our own love (towards others), just to protect ourselves. Such protections are not exactly helpful in allowing ourselves to express the love we have within, or should be receiving from others.

There has been many information about love languages and how to love. There will be future posts about this or we can explore over a private consultation session but let's get down to the basic language in itself. The energy of love! When the energy of love is being sent, it goes beyond words, action and circumstances. It is our feelings towards someone or somethings. Deep within, it will be received energetically, unless the person is self protective towards receiving emotions or feelings from others. The beauty of love energy is that it can potentially penetrate through such defenses. If the person cannot reciprocate for whatever reason, then it is subjected to the person's wisdom, life skills or emotional quotient to let us know. Our love energy in this case did reach and was received.

Though love is unconditional and giving, many of us, at times, wonder if the love returns are sufficient. Yes, unfortunately some of us do not experience sufficient return of love towards us and our energies of love dwindle to a point of fatigue. This happens very much in the older generations of Asians where we are supposed to be the silent giver. The giver of love to the family, friends, superiors, work colleagues, even to unfavorable situations. Yes, please continue to love, for the great power these people have is the amount of love there is within them to express their love. But! We need to look deeper into the clauses or wisdom of love otherwise, love does not seems to be sustainable.

Love is love, it is an expression from us outwardly towards someone, things and situations. In such expressions, there should not be attachments. Attachments such as establishments of expected relationship closeness, reciprocity, conditions, even definitions of person receiving love. For example we do not love the role of a father or mum, we do not ;love so long as we are being fed or be provided, we do not love based on contracts or only when in a positive state of relationship. We love because of the soul to soul connection between two, a positive circumstance where love is the expression in itself. Love is a feeling within us that has happened, just so.

Our mind love to manage. It is a blessing that it flags dangers or unfavorable circumstances to us. Love is an inner emotions that flashes out when it flashes out. So here comes the conflict within when we love whom we "can't love".. Firstly, be true to the emotion of love, for this is the pure energy within you that is ever so often linked to your soul. Under this circumstance of conflict we can ask the soul for solutions or choice of action. The soul knows best. Well, at this point not all of us can soul talk, can we? Our personal safety and wellness are our priority in self love, please adhere. In the mess of relationship attachments, conflicts and entanglement, remember, love belongs to the individuals as sole rights, let it not be affected by circumstances. If we are able and wish to, we may love and remember that we, as a whole being, have chosen to express love with no strings attached and shall make decisions of action for our best interest for personal wellness regardless of us in the state of love.

So in the name of love, to the best of our ability to express and wisdom to take action, let us love accordingly. In love we embrace one and another, whilst ensuring that we ourselves are whole and well. As said, no strings, expectations, measures within us, but for the gift of love within and love in itself, let us Be love. When will love be in return? The universe shall take care of the equation and we shall take care of our love within us.

Yes love is within us, around us, in abundance and infinite in energy. Let us embrace love for love never fails.

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Where is the love ? (Within)

Love is something so beautiful that we feel a need to have it as part of our lives. All forms of love exists around us, from parental, family, spouse, friend and more. We are even constantly bombarded by the media by fictional and non-fictional display of what love is.

Then comes one day, we ask, "Where is the love I have within myself?" Yes, some of us seek love, question love, lost love and forget love. How about not even knowing what love is?

In my path of healing, there are many people who simply say they don't know what love is, they never recognize or experience it. What happened? Well, many factors such as childhood experiences, trauma, past lives, health wellness and etc., which only a private session can identify the specific cause of this.

Meanwhile, let's make it simple and say love is to be experienced and no words can fully describe it. Love is so subtle and natural that sometimes it simply go unnoticed by us in the mist of chasing our lives. Yes, we run for our life, run away from life and even run away from ourselves. When we look back, we are lost.

To find love, we must first find ourselves. This is before we even talk about unconditional love towards others and the self love that many of us forget. When we are ourselves, at peace with ourselves and are comfortable to Be Ourselves, then only then can we not be in the state of chase or imbalance in relation to our lives, people around and situations. At that state, we are fully connected with ourselves, Universe and Mother Earth. Grounded in action, elevated in wisdom, but most importantly, filled with love within our heart. Love is in abundance and never cease to exits, except when we drain ourselves dry of energy trying to become whom others believe us to be, or expend all our energies towards satisfying all kinds of requirements.

Solutions are out there, but for a start, rest. Rest from all the attachments, believes, expectations, judgements (including self judgement), responsibilities and be ourselves in our space of comfort. Breathe! Allow this time to be ours. This is not about running away from duties, responsibilities are there still, but have a time off from it. Lie yourself on the earth of nature, relax and feel part of it. Slowly, we will have a glimpse of the love nature have for us, embracing us just as we are, part of nature itself.

Love begins not from others but from within ourselves. When we embrace ourselves and be ourselves, our love comes naturally from within. Love is love and we are beings of love, being love and loved.

May love be within you and part of your life journey.

Heart Chakra Healing

Allow the heart chakra to return to its balance state of being. Play this video as background music or for meditation.

Video by Meditative Mind

Sound Bath for the Heart

Crystal bowl sound bath is a powerful way of realigning the energy frequencies within us to a harmonious state.

Lie down comfortably and allow the sound to bathe and shower us.

Do remember to take time to come back into awareness after the bath :)

Video by Healing Vibrations

Relaxing Music for a peaceful space through nature

Always remember to come back to being ourselves at our own space of presence.

Video by Soothing Relaxation

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Body awareness through yoga

The physical body is an important part of us which many have neglected. As a living being on this Earth, it is our body which will allow us to experience life, actualize our dreams and to allow us to serve humanity.

As a faithful employee of us, the body takes the tolls and role of ensuring what we request are fulfilled. It ensures that by hook or by crook, us the boss gets what we want. This may sound good and alignment with our mind, emotions and soul. However, what happens to the voice of the body? Many of us only hears it when something serious happens. Then our realization is that health is really wealth, or the body is a wonderful part of us which could have fulfilled more if only we had taken care of it.

Well, some of us do take care of it somewhat, with healthy diets, exercises, sports, lifestyle fads and etc. Is it want the body wants, or is it what we think it wants? Is it what people say the body needs, want and wish to have or is it what the body desires?

More will be shared in the future with regards to the body, but for now lets get to the basic. How connected are we to our body?

Well, body awareness is the basic and easiest to master for many for a start but it will be progressive become deeper sensory awareness as we practice.

Yoga for example is an example of such means towards body awareness. The postures and poses that we practice allows the body to gain lots of feedbacks and learning of itself, it allows us to check in to our body and discover more about it physically.

Many people have signed up yoga classes to keep fit. More can be achieved within the same class if we know what are we doing within. It is not about how many difficult postures we can achieve, or how difficult each poses is. It is the connection of your body, mind and soul in performing each pose. It is the emotion of peace, balance and harmony when we do these postures.

Deep? Lets start with the basics as the beginner of yoga, we are shown what we need to do and ops, we cannot do it when all our classmates can. Cut the thoughts of how others can achieve, we are focusing our mind on Our yoga. Then we realize we are tight here and not so strong there., and unstable everywhere. Less not get emotional about this discovery, like I have always shared in my profession, "It does not matter where you start, it matters where you end". Awareness gives the first step for the body to adjust itself, for us to give or create more opportunities for the body to improve itself. Most importantly it is a regular check-jn to our body to see how it is responding physically to our daily life.

If we are able to work, practice yoga consciously with our body, our awareness on our physical aspect will improve. Meditatively, we can bring alignment to our body, mind, emotions and soul through conscious practice of exercises and sports such as yoga. Let's start with this practice of body for our wholesome living.

Simple yoga for beginner

Here is some simple start for new learners.

Remember top breathe.

Video by Yoga with Adriene

Start your day with body awareness through yoga

Remember to go easy, everyday is a brand new day, and it is important to open your mind and observe your physical status which may vary day to day.

Video by Jessica Richburgh

Yoga in nature

Nice to have yoga connecting to nature.

Love this gradual guidance to wards the final position of balance.

Do go easy with your movement based on your own body capacities.

Video by Boho Beautiful Yoga

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To stress or Not to stress

Stress is an interesting topic that many of us tries to get rid of. It is true that when we feels that need to repel it, it is definitely not desirable to keep it. Yet, not all of us understands the mechanics, pros & cons of stress and how to get rid of it.

First of all there are good stress believe it or not. Our nervous system has a fight or flight response in the sympathetic nervous system (this is a system that works at the background level to maintain & regulate many of our functions and body parts). Such response are in summary a mechanism that ensures our safety or perceived safety. Imagine meeting a tiger, how would we response? This system will trigger every part of us to react ASAP. Stay & fight the tiger or run? So yes, such stress felt allows us to escape from situations and keep us alive!

In sports and some work places this response are put to good use. We find positive challenges such as a competitor (face him/her or go around), a need to excel (or escape) when projects or situation arises, to improve ourselves in the team or in front of our bosses & etc. All these are triggers that allow us to change, adjust and make ourselves stronger and be empowered for our perceived wellness/safety.

Why is the word perceived frequently used so far? Well, we do not really have so many tigers around our cities. Maybe lions? Hahaha. Well, real life threats not so. Like it has been mentioned, our threats are more like promotional potentials, relationships & communication issues & other life situations where we may feel threats to be disempowered & etc. All these would put this system and our body at large at a sustained stressed state. Somewhat like having a tiger running behind you over weeks, months or even years. The worst part of this example is that the tiger does not feed on us but keeps chases us around. This is chronic stress! This is what many tried to rid of.

So what can we do? How many jobs can we quit? What are we facing then? We are facing the body, mind, emotions, basically every part of us running at an over drive mode for a sustained period of time, till such a time we break down on our health aspect.

Solutions? Well take the first step to identify it. Also understand how we can free ourselves from it starting from ourselves before what are around us . Do consult someone who are able to help to assist on this as this will allow a clearer picture to be established & better solutions to be provided.

The other aspects that can help in recovery from stress or to help break the cycle it has created is to REST. Rest can be a big topic and perhaps more can be discussed in another time. For now, rest means sufficient time to sleep during the night, mind free. Rest means allowing the body to heal itself and to gunner its strength for a fresh new day.

Meditation of course helps in finding the inner stability, balance & harmony of oneself, it helps to reorganize the system and reset this overdriven nervous system. It can, with some practice "super rest" every part of the whole system and restore its function, somewhat like a reset button for our comprehensive well being.

Another simple tool is to breathe! Our breath is the best gift & the first gift we receive when we are born, it has within itself close relation with our physical body, mind, heart/emotions, souls and energies. We do not have to try very hard to breathe though there are many breathing techniques around. Just allowing our breath to reset itself and everything else is good enough.

All in it is good to have short term stress or challenges as it empowers us with better versions of ourselves or a better life perhaps, but long term wise, it is important to monitor and ensure that our wellness are maintained for wholesome living. Otherwise seek help.

Music for Stress Relief

Here is a calm, relaxing video and music for meditation, deep sleep and just have some peace within. Enjoy :)

Video by Meditation Relax Music

Brain Wave Therapy for Stress Relief

Something more therapy based for brain wave rejuvenation.

Video by Meditative Mind

Sounds of Nature for Stress Relief

The gift of nature provides us with natural resources to reset ourselves. That includes the songs of nature to calm us down.

Video by Total Relaxation.