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Integrative Energy Medicine &Intuitive Consultation

A session of energetic healing (reiki, quantum energy healing, soul retrieval, energy clearing, realignment and more) custom to your transformation for the better. 

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath

Reset, realign and rejuvenate with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl.  Through soundbath, allow our body, mind, emotions and soul come into alignment and balance.  Receive intuitive messages to support one's wellness.

Intuitive Card Reading & Healing

Get your answers to life, solutions to situations, insights to relationships you experience.  All answers to your deepest questions lies within the cards.

Living Light Card is a special deck of cards that uses light codes as the basis of reading.  Not only does it provide answers, solutions, it also initiates, heals and transform one through the energies of light codes 


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Get to know how to breathe and meditate in individual class and group class setting.  Learn meditation from basic level or through theme based classes both online and offline.

Meditation allows us to declutter, focus, gain wisdoms of life and be the master of our lives and inner wellness.

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Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval

A comprehensive retrieval of all your souls from all space, time, dimensions and from others.  Time to serve this lifetime in full with your wholesome soul presences. 

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Space Clearing

Energies of your home and offices are as important as the fixtures itself.  Allow us to improve the vibrations of the spaces you work or live in.

All sessions available online and face to face.  Please contact us for further information.