About Us

Heart of Gaia came to birth officially at 2020, set with the intention to support individuals on the life journey of learning, growth and transformation., Through various forms of sessions such as meditations, workshops, private consultations, social platforms and etc. we wish hold space for individuals to restore personal wellness and provide wisdoms and tools for their life journey.

Wellness includes the health of body, mind, heart/emotions and soul. @Heart of Gaia we wish to touch individuals and make whole of all these 4 aspects. Through these may we experience Wholesome Living and be empowered to pursuit our life purposes with freedom ease and grace, expressing our true essence within.

Wholesome Living begins with self love and care. It is of upmost importance that our well being are taken care of and we are here to support this. From this, let us learn growth and morph towards our dreams and potentials.

Photo by Duy Pham


The Heart of Gaia is a space created for anyone on the journey of learning, growth and gaining wisdom of life. We seek to ignite the joy, freedom and passion towards living in true essence and potentials, fulfilling dreams & purposes. Let us embrace ourselves and others in Oneness, transcending the current state of Being, transforming, expanding and being in full expression of love and co-create a wholesome lifestyle based on our own uniqueness and strength. We facilitate and provide solutions, life skills and wisdom for individuals living in connections with self, others, the Universe and Mother Earth.

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To live life in pure authenticity, at our highest potential fulfilling dreams and purposes whilst co-creating a life journey of abundance with others in oneness, rising above and so below on Earth in this lifetime.

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May we live with these 7 values with-in and with-out.

  • Unconditional Love

  • Authenticity

  • Be-ing

  • Harmony

  • Oneness

  • Embrace

  • Beyond