This is a space @ Heart of Gaia intended to share my experiences supporting many on their life journeys towards a Wholistic Lifestyle or on their spiritual journey, to be who they are, living authentically towards dreams, purposes and potentials.

Photo by Faye Cornish

Silencing the Monkey Mind

Look within and we experience loads of thoughts for a start. Through meditation we declutter.

Life are full of colors and challenges and through meditation we restores our wellness (body, mind, emotions and soul). We gain our inner clarity and our connection with the divine source, universal wisdoms and more.

Is meditation difficult? Can we lead a life with peace, love, balance and harmony? Well, just start by taking the first step. It is easy as we practice and it has much more to offer for your life journey than just mindfulness, Guidance recommended but for a start breathe!

Photo by Aditya Saxena

Wholesome Living Authentic Self

The theories of being who we are, living authentically, living lives of our dreams are ever so readily available around us. Well, just do it!

How? Start by learning about yourself within and expressing it. There is no right or wrong...all will be right eventually. It is important to know yourself, your true self and to express, connect and be with all that is around you, through your 5 senses and beyond.

Wholesome living begin with your wellness ( body, mind, emotions and soul), it is your essence in expressions as part of life itself. It is about you!

Connecting with Higher Consciousness

As we journey through our lives, we somehow feel that are something "more". Our minds question and wonder such intangibles, but somehow there seems to be existence of a higher force somewhere when we feel within. Yes, connect within you and you know it exists.

So why do we need to connect? It help many to gain answers to their unanswerable, unsolvable issues of life. It provides the absolute truth of all that is in existence. It allows us to be the creator of our own life and be part of the living light that shine on Earth.