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Thank you for your messages

"I’ve had the experience of attending Keng Ann’s group meditation sessions and pretty regularly at that.

Attending Keng Ann’s sessions have been very helpful in shifting energies I’ve needed to shift in myself and around areas in my life. These are not quick-fix sessions and I feel supported especially to regaining strength within myself, steadily building up over time.

This, I feel, is the nature of the depth of wisdom revealed through each session - the beauty of the wisdom yet in the simplicity and practicality of it, deep and anchoring to carry us through as we recognize it is the wisdom in our own body that we are embodying. I appreciate and am thankful for the support."

- Suraya RH, Intuitive healer

"Keng Ann's oracle card reading is really accurate and empowering. She is not just a normal intuitive reader, but also one who understands the energies of the universe and works with powerful light beings to give us clarity and help us see our own magic. Her healing and meditation sessions are conducted in a non-threatening, approachable and easygoing fashion which boost the healing process. She is a modern mystic yet down-to-earth and practical in every way. Definitely someone you can approach when you need a little recharge or clarity or just a friend to chat with."

  • -Kryslyn

"Heart of Gaia is a safe space to allow myself to dig deeper to uncover things that matter to me. Uncovering life lessons with different perspectives allows me to be open to more possibilities.

Keng Ann is patient and nurturing to walk through the process / sessions in a interactive and practical way. Appreciate her guidance and support always.

Starseed Alchemy Circle allows me to understand more about myself, lessons I learnt in retrospection / discussion can help propel myself further. Gaining insights to reflect and see how to make better actions/choices.

The Sacred Circle Workshop allows me to honour my self more and being able to put skills into use made me feel more confident and comfortable."

  • -Christine

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