Connecting with Higher Consciousness

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Soul Presence awareness & Spirituality

Soul Presence or simply our very own Soul is a term that kind of separates the "believers" and "non-believers". How much do we believer that our soul exists?

Well, from one of science and logic to one who believes absolutely of metaphysics and the unknown, if we are to listen closely within ourselves we do sometimes hear or feel this presences that confirms or denies our choice of action or perspectives of this. Yes, this inner voice or feel is potentially our soul that speaks the truth to us.

So how important is our souls to us? Well, the shear fact that we use "our" already indicate an inseparable relationship. Let's first get to know what our soul is all about. If we have many life times on Earth, then this soul has experienced them all. That will mean that our soul has much more life experiences than we have in this life time. Soul is the very essences of us, who we are, what our life purposes are and more. In that sense then, who knows more about us then our very soul itself?

Yes, the soul has a very broad picture of ourselves from past, present to even the future. What lies ahead of the future, no one knows, for we all have the freedom of choice and the power of creation of our own life journey. However, having to know our life purpose and essence, our soul will be able to provide the best fit path towards our dreams, goals, passion and purposes during our life journey.

Just like the CEO of a company, the soul is totally aware, capable and skilled for the task of managing our body, mind and emotions, as well as to provide a direction forward that is likely to be a fruitful, fulfilling one.

So why aren't the soul just running our life? We, as individual comprise of our soul, mind, emotion (heart) and physical body. Depending on how we have been taught or how we choose as the focus many of us listen or believes each aspect as the lead in varying degree. The soul at the bigger sense of things understands and remains as the record keeper, historians and observer till we ask if it can sit in a position of a decision maker.

Yes, at most times, many of us uses the mind as the decision maker as we have been through loads of education to plan and plot our pathways. Yes many of us are unaware of this massive wisdom and knowledge storage specialist is within us all. Do not get me wrong, life time education and learning are important. However, the best decision maker is actually our soul as it has the purest form of choice of action that takes into considerations all information, knowledge, wisdom from the books, life experiences, our essences, all dimensions and more. We just have to trust its leadership.

So comes this question. How much do we trust ourselves?

The beautiful spirituality with soul awareness is the relationship of trust. If a company do not trust the CEO or the company itself, then what will happen to the company especially in times of crisis?

Let's be honest and say trust is a work in progress for many. Many of us have lost trust with ourselves along with some error or misjudgments during our life journey. Have we asked our souls on this matters? Or have we ignored the advices? Well, its a learning process. Further more, if the soul knows the bigger picture of things, then it know that the immediate failure might have been the first step towards our success in the future. Which of course in our mind's eye is that things didn't work out as planned.

The other aspect of working or having a relationship with our soul is the fact that we have the strongest support and leadership we can ever have for ourselves. Despite all odds, this head of our selves will always be there to provide or identify solutions.

So let's take a breath and connect within, connect with our soul presence and ask for collaboration.

Keep a look out for more about our soul presence in future articles or simply book a session @Heart of Gaia for Whole Presence Soul Retrieval or private session to enhance your relationship with soul presence for each of us are unique individuals with beautiful souls here for wholesome living.

Trust the voice of our soul. Trust our path and journey forward. For we are never alone within and with the support of other beautiful souls around us.

Thank you for being uniquely you. Namaste.

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Emotional awareness & Spirituality

How often have we allowed our emotions to get the better of us? From interpersonal relationship to sales and marketing gimmicks, many of us tend to give in to some or all that plays with our emotions or have an off day due to an emotional meltdown.

Some say emotions of others are easy to read and manipulate, others find it hard to manage even their own let alone others. We all understands the need to take care of our emotions and to manage it, yet many a times it has caused us much regrets and agonies during such attempts..

To understand emotion, we must understand a little about energy. Energy is formless, It has density, frequencies and speed. It can be stored, released or directed. This is likewise for emotion and the only difference in the fundamentals are the little emotional balancing mechanism we have within ourselves.

This mechanism includes the little voices from its other peers, the body, mind and soul, but most times it seemingly tends to follows its own flow and system.

Imagine emotion as a creative director, will this director listen to a manager? The expressions of our emotions moves fast and are many a times faster than how our mind can conclude its thoughts. We get shocked with surprises and our expression shows even for just a split second. We get angry with something and may explode to a unrecoverable consequences, If we loose control of our emotions, no amount of advices, sweet talks or logic can pacify or comfort us. That is unless we have with high emotional intelligence (also known as emotional quotient, EQ), are aware of what our emotions are trying to tell us or perhaps have learnt to reduce our emotional expression be it consciously or subconsciously due to trauma, past experiences or repeated practices.

Emotional awareness are crucial to a significant part of our wellness and health. With such potent energy it not only affect our vibrations (energetic health), but also how we interact with our surrounding and people.

Emotions actually comes in a direct form, if we are angry, anxious or depress about something, then something is not agreeable to our inner eco-system.

This simple awareness should then lead to the next level of awareness of the potential cause of imbalance and how it can be healed or resolved. Do consult a medical professional, therapist or healer to support this process if required. Some meditation techniques can also assist on that aspect.

Emotions are not meant to be brushed aside, an awareness of repeated emotional state means its time to get to the bottom of this. Why are we feeling such and how can you be free from this? Notice that we are discussing about us resolving our own emotions and not deal with the external others.

Our personal health supersede what others do or do not. Our emotions speaks mainly of our inner-eco-system that needs to be restored, reinstated, rebalanced. Our emotions wishes us to be in a state of freedom within ourselves and with our life journeys, we want to enjoy the feeling of joy, happiness, positivity from within and with all that is around us, we desire to be in oneness with every existence. Why let other deprive us of this feeling? Resolve and free ourselves from emotional baggage and whatever others does to us will be much easier to solve.

Having a clean and positive emotions allows us clarity towards choices in life and more positive interactions with others. Remember to love ourselves, ensure our emotional balance and positivity are intact most times before taking care of all that is around us.

Mastering our emotions allows us to spiritually gain wisdom to the true eco-system of living on Earth. That will include both inner and outer state of our being, as authentic as we are, free of emotional baggages and attachments, feeling empowered and positive towards our life journey regardless of challenges ahead.

We are free living beings enjoying wholesome experiences on Earth. Let our hearts be free to love ourselves and others.

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Mental awareness & Spirituality

Mental health has been of great concern in many of our societies. Many talks, workshops and support systems have been set up to provide us with solutions and help in restoring this health aspects of ours. Mental health is very close to us. It is actually part of our total wellness.

Hence, the wellness of our mind begins in the "Now", not later when we have issues to resolve. Hmmm....there seems to be multiple meaning in the previous sentence, read again or simply let your mind process this on its own. Well, mental wellness begins with understanding our mind as well as being able allowing it to do its managerial work effectively. When we are unable to do so, much more effort has to be given by ourselves and the professionals to resolve, restore and reinstate its health. So let's get to know our mind! The troubleshooter?

The mind is an intricate aspect of us that is multilevel and extensive in the scope of managing our lives. From micro-management to macro-management, the mind seems to be involved in many aspect of what we do or do not do. Yes, the mind prides itself as the manager of our existence. But are we giving the mind the right tasks to do? Are we allowing our mind to run or manage at its best? How does it work and what is its blind spots? What is its strengths and weaknesses? More about this in future posts and sessions.

Meanwhile, lets focus on knowing its basic relations with spirituality & us. During my talks, workshops and private sessions much efforts has been used to manage the minds of many, Firstly of expectations. Having a goal is good, having expectations begins with the mind talking to us. As manager, our mind will always want to do its best for any projects and also to get involved in any upcoming projects. How this project should be completed will be solely based on the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the mind. Or so it thinks.

All of our minds are unique. Our networks and flow of thoughts are different as well. Hence, our choice of actions and believes varies from here. So when we question how will someone chooses to do this or not, we truly cannot expect a definite outcome to start with. What we can do from our part is the awareness of how our mind works for us and how we can allow it to work for us for the best outcome.

The mastery of spirituality through our mind begins with the awareness of our actions as a result of our conscious and subconscious mind. Through meditations, we can be brought into awareness of how our mind runs. How it manages us consciously can also be made into awareness through mindfulness and daily practices of awareness of our actions. As we go deeper into the meditative state, we can then, depending on the depth of practice, have access to our subconscious mind. With mental tools taught and awareness of our choice of daily actions, we can then optimize the wellness of our mental state. There is no right or wrong in how our mind is wired. It is our choice, learning and growth on how we want to be, to fulfill our purpose, dreams or to even just to live as we are. How our mind manages however, will greatly influence how our life journey will be. Such awareness will allow us less bumps on along our paths and to create a life that does not self repeat issues to be resolved again. Awareness allows for options to change. Change begins with awareness of what is to be manage and what is to be let go of. Action is a act as a result of choice and awareness of such choice and the result of the action that will allow us to work with our mind for its health and wellness as well as us within and with-out (both interrelationship and situational) our life journey.

Let not your mind control you, but be free for the mind to be your partner in life.

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Body awareness & spirituality

Spirituality is a mystical term that some are totally into it, some wonder if they are interested, some leaves at the mention of it. Within the many talks given on this topic, I would say that at the basic towards perhaps the intermediate levels, spirituality is an every day affair whether we are aware of it or not. The key word is aware. If we are aware, that is spiritual, if otherwise, we are just any other beings living on this planet.

Spirituality is really not that far fetch even as I grow up in a science and logic based environment, there are some experiences that have already been "proven" by science as something tangible and explainable. Others, I would say it will be proven one day.

How do we begin learning about spirituality? Well, quoting my anatomy teacher's words, "the answer is within your body, just look around and you will see your test answers in any bodies you see".

The body is a complex creation of systems, from internal subconscious running to conscious action based activities, it has it all. It takes years of studies for us healthcare professionals to grasps its basics before gaining experiences sufficient to treat people and finally specializing in an aspect of medical care. For the non-science based healers, it takes many specializations to shift and reharmonize the energies and running systems of a person. I was fortunate to be involved in all these and integrate them into a more comprehensive form of private session to support one on the journey of becoming or recovery. Before we go into the healing aspects, let just focus on something we can do for ourselves.

I love working with the body when it comes to spirituality. It is the most simple and direct learning of this unknown aspect of life. The body, though complex has a simple way of communicating with us. It also has a powerful way of self managing all kinds of situation, very much like a multinational company (MNC), yet it is like the most faithful long service employee serving us at the background to ensure we fulfill our dreams, passions and etc. We have much to learn from it and our first mastery of spirituality begins with this.

How aware are you with your body? Well, it astounded me when I first meet the national level athletes. Their awareness of their bodies are of a different class. From how their bodily physically functions, exactly how the injuries occur or what injuries they have (before assessment by medical professionals), to the best self management & treatment before actual medical interventions, they are right to the dot at working in partnership with their bodies. Hence, them pushing limits and using their favorite phrase of "its all in the mind" is not all that senseless. They are totally aware of themselves entering grey zones of pushing limits and where the edge of the cliffs are. Hence, they will survive in many situations that may cost some of us difficulties in returning to sports or even basic lifestyle. This is "maximizing one's potentials" (one of the favorite terms used in spirituality).

So what can we learn about spirituality through our body? Everything. Yes, all the universal laws, life systems and etc. is the same as how our body functions. Learning how our own body works, being aware and in partnership with the body will allow us a textbook way of learning spirituality.

After having followed the national teams for numerous international matches as their medical support personnel, I, yes the big "I", pride myself as understanding the importance of balance diets and the right wellness care for the human bodies, till I met my spiritual teacher. During one of our "outfield" learning of spirituality, we had lunch in a restaurant and she popped the question that left me dumbfounded. "What would your body like to have?", she asked. Hmmm, interesting question and it took me a while to check-in with my body to find out the order request from my body.

In a public talk I had on "Body Talks", I began my session with gratitude for the attendance of the participants to the open house I have organized and asked if they are happy with my vegetarian lunch spread. 5 likes with continuous compliments across the floor. Right after, I followed with the question of how their bodies like the lunch just before that session, 5 dislikes with a sea comments and feedbacks. Rest assure they are as authentic as they can be for both answers. The difference? We sometimes act and chooses based on many other factors (which will be discussed in future posts) and not in accordance to the right or appropriate options for our highest good. Whatever we consume as food are fundamentally for our bodily system to function and run, so who knows best what we exactly need other than our very bodies themselves.

How aware are we? Why do we choose certain food over others? What do our body need? What messages are the body sending to us? How can we allow our body to function at an optimal level? Are we aware when our bodies send us notifications? Or have we permanently muted the notification setting? All these will be discussed in future posts and also within some of the sessions conducted @ Heart of Gaia. Meanwhile, start by listening to the body and be aware whenever there is a "beep" from our body's SMS system.

Learning from the body and being in partnership with it is a life long process for the fundamental of our well being and spirituality. Regardless of our schools of thoughts, our body unites us all as one within ourselves and amongst our beliefs.

Love your body, love yourself.

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Namaste! Let's see the Light!

Namaste! Welcome here. Having turn to this section, we are seeking something, aren't we? Where and what is it then we seek?

The posture of both palms together and semi bowing has been widely used. At times it is used in some cultures or religions during prayers, as form of respect for the divine/god we follow, during meditation, yoga or to greet people we meet. There are lots of wisdom to this gesture then just expected action-reaction execution of greetings.

Physically, if we were to place our forearm parallel to the ground when our palms are together, naturally, our chest will be more expanded or upright. Our lungs are given more space to breathe as our ribcage are up. We are more our confident self.

Energetically, with both palms together, our energy flows between the palms, arms and heart, connecting us to our heart chakra, our inner state of being and energy field. We are more ourselves with love.

For those who feel disconnected to themselves this will be a good exercises and posture to practice. We can also resolve this lack of connection together during a private healing session to find out exactly where the connection needs to be reinstated and have more techniques to resolve this. Meanwhile read more here for further wisdom of this technique or greeting.

The meaning behind "Namaste" is "the Divine in me honors the Divine in you". This wisdom is the main essence and meaning to the action of greeting.

There is the authentic us within, our souls, our essences that came from the divine. Divine, depending on our believe can be the god of our believe, the universe, the absolute source of existence, or in the simplest term, to pure, authentic, positive aspect within us (love, light,& etc.).

As we grow, we learn to be this and that, we learn what is important and expected from our families, culture, society and nation. Basically, how to be part of the human race on Earth. But aren't we humans to start with? Do we need to learn that? Well, do not be confused over knowledge, learning and growth towards being part of the evolution of living beings on Earth versus living your essence authentically towards wholesome living. Both of these co-exist and should not be in conflict, though many of us experience the imbalance every now and then.

Over time, we learn to cope, make do or find a new balance within ourselves. It is important though that it is an organic balance from inside out and not a compromise, Compromising oneself to live on Earth is not sustainable. Do seek solutions and consult us for assistance to find this new balance within.

Namaste is the reminder of this balance within us, between us and the connection we have with the divine, the planet and humanity. It is also a time where we connect with ourselves and being, before our further thoughts, action and speech/conversation continue with whom we meet.

It all begins with gratitude and recognition of our essences and may each of our essence bring forth the positive outcome for our encounter with each other. Imagine, if we are to use Namaste as a greeting in a formal meeting. That will very much mean that "thank you all for coming into this meeting, may we put all our essences, strength and divine selves together as one to address to the agenda of the meeting". Is it not? Would it not be beautifully positive that we have no hidden agenda against one another but to authentically find solutions or support one another for the highest good of where we are?

If we are all divine within, then no one is higher than another. We are just unique individuals with unique potentials coming together to create wholesome living on Earth. Hence, to start, Namaste is a reminder for us to let go of our Ego and to see the light and beauty of the person we greet.

"Thank god" is a frequently used phrase in gratitude to a turn for the better when unfavorable situation arises. Have we thank whom was around that have contributed to the change? Or let's be back to basic and give gratitude to a person for being him or her.

Namaste for being ourselves for this is us as part of the divine, Earth and humanity. Remember, it is not bowing down to others or just a greeting! It is the gratitude and connection of us with-in ourselves (our body, mind, heart & soul), with others, in this now that makes this moment a blessing to all.

Namaste! May we all see the Light! _II_

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The greatest love of all

The greatest love of all comes from the divine love and the love of Mother Earth. A full display of what love is, without hesitation or boundaries, any hiding or reservations. It is just there. We are left to watch and experience such love and we wonder if we will ever comprehend a fraction of it, let alone master it.

Yes, the greatest love of all comes from the universe, the planets, stars, nature, nature's living beings and all that are around us ready for our use, to enjoy, experience and create life on Earth. Such abundance of love is what many of us have taken for granted.

Well, love is love, hence when we truly understand its wisdom and essence, we too can love infinitely.

The patience and kindness from these higher sources have allowed us to freely use their resources, creating life on Earth the way we deemed fit. We stumble, we learn we grow, individually and collectively. We are left to realize slowly the effects of our actions. No questions asked, except, we are slowly shown, with love, how these actions will affect us in the same way they are affecting other living beings on Earth. Yes, there are universal laws and ecosystems that all that lives shall abide to, including us. Yet, all our actions are embraced with love whilst the laws still holds. How artfully done is that?

As we compete, within ourselves, our peers, other people that comes our way, we have failed to noticed that all answers and wisdoms of life lie within the Universe and Mother Earth, if only we pause and observe. All are as One, there are no hierarchy, higher rights or a need to be well above others. The rabbits for example does not feel inferior to the tigers. They simply know that they are food for tigers and they should run when there are threats to their safety. The tigers hunt only what they need, eat what they need, and hunting do not boost their egos. Rabbits do not envy the claws of the tigers. The tigers do not hunt to proof that they are good hunters. They simply create their own life journeys till they meet each other, and continues when they part ways.

If we know who we are, our unique strengths, the wisdom of life on Earth as part of the Universe, then can we, through the energies of creation, the gift of creativity they have blessed upon us, achieve mastery of our life and create a wholesome life with freedom, peace, love and harmony. We can become the creator of our life through love, trusting that all will be well for us, just as the Universe have trusted us to realize ourselves the greatest love of all lies within the Universe, Mother Earth and ourselves.

May love be around us and embrace us as One, for love never fails.

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Illuminating Your Light

In our journey of becoming, have we shaped ourselves according to the mould that others have crated for us, or have we truly become us? The Us that we know as our true identity, aligned with our dreams, passion and strength, serving our purpose in life?

Yes, we begin as a clean slate of paper, from family, culture, society to many people and situations we meet along our lives, we learn, we grow and we transform, till we look back and ask where are we?

Some of us are fortunate to explore and be free to discover, some of us stumble along the way, some have unconsciously followed to become the character of a certain expected personality and path. Does it feel good being the person we are now? Fulfilled, at peace and wholesome or are there feelings of lacks, lost and confusions? Does it feel like we are wearing layers of clothes trying to book a plane towards a sunny paradise?

Life is actually beautiful and free for us to create our unique life stories. Perhaps there may be challenges and lessons along the way, but all these are colors in life that will make us better and stronger within our light and essence,

The inner light within us represents the clarity, wisdom and purity of our essence. It is us. The strength and gifts we hold as individuals that are uniquely us. More about inner light will be in other posts but meanwhile, let's just say you are the light within.

If we are to follow this light and live life just based on our inner Be-ingness, life will be simply easy and awesome to experience. For example, it is not the job scope we like or have better opportunities that will allow us to have the greatest success, It is whichever profession or life journey of growth we take in accordance to our true personality, strength, gifts, talents, life purposes and etc. all calibrated together for us to sit right at our brightest spot. If we are positioning ourselves at that point whenever we do things, then all will be easy, because we know best at that point. Its the most comfortable for us by being us, easy for others to see and appreciate us, situations get resolved more easily and more...

If we ever meet someone whom we just awe and enjoy their presence, be mesmerized not by their looks but by them being themselves in every action, sharing and working with ease and grace...yes they are shining their true light. Perhaps those that envy may gossip a little but deep within they know whose the best and there is little or no chance for them to dim the light of this individual. Yes, all darkness gets illuminated through this light we have within us and it shines through and beyond.

It takes practice and a journey of finding out who one truly are and when one does, life will be simple and less hurting. We can either practice inner light meditation, receive healing and make whole of ourselves, or have soul retrieval done to facilitate the process of mastery of our light

Do consult and find out more if the calling comes. Otherwise, may you illuminate your light and bless this world.

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Light Vs Darkness

Light and Dark are so closely knitted within our daily life. We get challenges and triggers in life and we are set to choose between the two. Or sometimes we ask where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Please note that we are not discussing the topic of duality here, this is literally about the light and dark.

This is an interesting topic in that as we journey on our spiritual part, we have deeper and deeper realizations and that shifts our perspective of things. The truth is the truth, the light overcomes darkness always holds but the wisdom of this goes further in depth and more expansive in definition.

Light represents the divine source/universe or whom each of our religions hold as the highest order. It is the truth, clarity, the positivity that we seek, the state we wish to be in and what many holistic and spiritual practitioners brings us towards. There are many various light topics but all in, it is what it is.

Darkness is a topic that many avoids for we do not want to give attention to it. When we come into contact with it, we move toward the light and there, we are back positive! Easy isn’t it? When people seek help from the alternative practitioners this is many of us do to, heal, alight, harmonize, balance your system & etc. so that positivity is restored.

For anyone who is at a downtime at the moment, perhaps one may feel that it is easier said than done. Yes, quite true, but at the end of all these realizations or journey, it can be as easy as just being. First of all, when we are not at the best state of our lives, or when we realized that we are not really the “good guy” we think we are, do not beat yourself up! Embrace yourself and give a pat on your shoulder for realizing the state you are in! Being aware, we make choices, we seek solutions, we move. If such awareness is not there, well, the journey will just take a straight line course till such a time. So, it important to realize where darkness is. Of course, not all solutions arrive or problems resolve immediately. But the first spark of light come into our lived upon such realization.

Someone once shared her thoughts upon hearing this that perhaps she should sit in the dark to learn about the light. Please do Not! For the simple reasons that the densities will weigh one down. How much burden does one wish to carry before realizing that we can actually let go and travel light? How long can we cope in a negative environment? The existence of darkness is for this role, the purpose of showing us that things are not well/positive and hence it is up to us to make a choice, to stay or not to stay in our current state. So, stay in the light. Learning and being in the light is the common practice. When we are used to positive environment, we can recognize darkness as non-light.

So all in, light versus darkness exists to provide us with a state of choice for the betterment of ourselves. When things gets overwhelming embrace the light and darkness as One, Seek assistance and have a private sessions to resolve it if need arises. We are empower to make choices for ourselves, rise, become a better person and be the light bearer for others in need.

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Where is my soul?

Soul or Presence is the core essence of one's existence. Since young somehow I felt it and knew that is "me" within this physical body. Interestingly, when I got to know about Whole Presence I realized that we have lots of soul parts/bits lying around.

Where are these parts? They were left behind during our past lives, various dimensions and space and withheld by other people.

How did that happen? Various reasons. From not wanting the leave, being stuck there somehow, to trauma. Trauma chips parts of our souls and it happens during energetic disruptions such as during wars, battles, or as small as violence experienced within this lifetime. Ok, not that small. The core soul of us travels through all these, as it loses parts of it, we become less of ourselves at soul level.

If family violence, torture, fights, deep attachments to significant individuals or submissions to another individuals, we sometimes loose "a part of us". Common complains? I can't feel myself or a weakness to overcome situations. A quick disclaimer though, such feelings can be for many reasons and it is recommended to consult a practitioner for better understanding and healing that may not be soul related. But these are examples of circumstances for the souls to split off.

Generally, we are all fine with just our core soul presence on this life journey. Unless we feel really lost, disempowered or in some special cases I get consulted on.

Also, for some spiritual lightworkers or people who feel a higher call to serve in full for this life time, it really helps if all your soul presences are retrieved. Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval is a session I facilitate for such purposes and to give a more quantifiable idea on how our soul is like, the session will take about 4 hours to retrieve and make whole each of our souls.