Practitioner Profile

Tan Keng Ann has been on the journey of Wholistic Lifestyle since the beginning of her life journey. Born to a lineage of healers, the art of healing and wholistic practices is every part of her life learning. Since young she has observed her family being in service to support many towards restoration of their health and wellness, hence, naturally she chose physiotherapy as her career path in 1999 to serve many people from national, elite athletes, celebrities to everyday lifestyle wellness seekers.

Her keen learning in healing work did not end with her being a qualified professional physiotherapist that focuses her healing work towards sport and lifestyle based musculoskeletal conditions. In parallel to her science, evidence-based career, she learnt reiki, quantum healing and many techniques, both physical and energetics to expand her healing modalities.

She was also blessed with many holistic, metaphysical and spiritual teachers, facilitators, friends and guides that had shared their experiences unconditionally with love. Being guided towards meditation practices over years, her experiences towards various meditation techniques grew over time.

Naturally, life is not of a bed of roses, her life journey has been one of many ups and downs. Such changes in life has placed all that she has learnt very much into tests and practices. She believes that everyone has their unique life journey and challenges, but around every corner always lies solutions, chance and opportunities.

Currently, she is a Wholistic Lifestyle Practitioner that advocates wholesome living, positive lifestyle, optimal health (body, mind, heart and soul). With over more than 20 years of experience in various forms of energy healing and meditation techniques, she facilitates meditations, workshops, private consultations, Living Light card readings and etc to support one on the journey of healing, realization, learning, growth, transformation and empowering one on expressing their unique qualities.